Svjetlana Despot

Svjetlana Despot is a prolific Croatian designer with 25 years of experience in a veriety of design fields and both domestic and international projects. Her collaborations with the furniture industry and carpet factories of the Croatian transition to market economy at the begining of the 21. century made her literally and practically a sole pioneer of Croatian product design. Her neverending lust for life, adventure and new experiences lead her to develop not only as a designer, but also a mentor, educator and promotor of design on national level, who blurrs the borders among disciplines and overcomes the limited production possibilities.

As a creative director in her studio, started in 1992., Svjetlana founded her own brand, Data by Despot, and organized her own production and distribution. Today the brand contains 14 collections with over 100 different products. In each of the collections she shares a candid articulation of herself in a language of extreemes and imagination, an intervention meant to brighten its surroundings and interact with them. Monocrhomatic materials in „loud“ colors are her key signature. Her main interest lies in research of surface structures, and reinvention of traditional crafts through modern processes and materials, mostly texstile. Her design is liberated from clichés and posesses exceptionally effective user-centric features.