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Home Plus Collection-Plastic Night

70x70x36 cm
90x90x36 cm
40x40x40 cm

Span Bond

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Black SB
Black SB
Under this rather vaguely named collection Home + Collection you can find a significant number of small collections. Basically, it is a collection of collections unrelated to any determined story line, it does not have a common message or question. Is that really so?

There is not a single item here by accident. Perceived as a unit, despite the diversity of materials used, manipulation types or functionality and aesthetic impression they cause, these products make up a kind of a photo album, a melting pot of memos and postcards of Svjetlana`s heart and mind over the past two decades of product designing.
Here you can find items sprung from her childhood memories, one dramatic love story experience, contemplations on impermanence and solitude and a few captured moments from dear collaborations and projects.

So now, after all that is said, the vagueness of the name "Home +" entirely disappears – the collection sums up the broadest meaning of the term home. It is an emo collection, made up of emotions, past, family issues, relationships, life itself and it will unquestionably grow over the time and continue to bring you that special, indefinable but eternally needed feeling of home.

Home + Collection includes subcollections:
-And Then Some
-Spice Deviders
-Plastic Night
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