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Data by Despot



DATA - a plural of datum, a Latin word for something given

DESPOT - a Latin word for dictator - but here, it is just the designer`s surname, although she finds the idea of being a despot very interesting

The story of our brand could be very serious, but it is not. It could be problem solving, but it is rather art challenging. It could be drafted to follow the mainstream trends in design – but again it is not our cup of tea, although we value the art of tea.
So what is our story all about? First of all we do not tell stories. We build our stories into our products in order to create an emotional connection with our clients through the art of product design and through the production process itself.
Our products tell their own stories by the way they act within the space they are in. By the way the owner incorporates them into the surrounding area; our products combine their own attitude highlighting the identity of its owner.

Our studio is an ongoing factory sourcing the right piece for the right person in the right place. We feel very passionate about design and creative thinking. It is our custom to do a happy dance when a prototype piece comes back beautiful and perfect, adding that mysterious + .

We Design to Suit Your + Mood!

So take a tour, and discover what Data by Despot can Give You.
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