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Inspired by nature, music, ethnology and urban waste, our products are made through a simple approach speaking the language of extremes, freedom and imagination.

We are open-minded. We listen to our hearts, innovate, combine high technology solutions with almost forgotten manual skills, produce, and add value to your personal space.

We strive to make our brand story vivid, timeless and universal through the quality and type of materials that we use, recognizable color palette that we choose; distinctive shapes and through our passion for the aesthetic design.

It’s all about passion.

There is no memorable story without passion.


Our internal identity is defined by the values that our company considers important and down-right integral to our existence. By identifying these values they become the source from which all other aspects of our brand flow. Our brand values will help you understand our fundamental drives and visions. They are the framework where the first ideas turn into sketches, than models, prototypes and finally products - Value for You!

Our brand values:

Own Integrity – Acting with compassion and loyalty, showing respect and value for all individuals, their diverse background, experience, style, approaches and ideas while assuming positive intent. We never make decisions that go against our gut feeling.

- Success without integrity is failure.

Add Value - Our key metrics is based on the value the products add to our client’s, based on the way they act within the space they are in. So, what is about what we do that makes our clients so enthusiastic? They say it has something to do with the something that is missing. 

- Creating extra value that is missing!

Be Innovative – Always pushing the boundaries and discovering innovative approach to design and manufacturing, combining hi-tech solutions with manual skills, resulting in truly different and surprising products.

- Being innovative, being different, being surprising.

Show Excellence – Excellence is not only a value for us, but a state of mind! It’s a conscious effort, hard work, perseverance, and consistency to stand out, which helps us to continue to set higher standards.

- Excellence isn’t an act it’s a habit.

Stay Sustainable - We are continuously in the process of finding out new ways to reuse materials in order to create and maintain green identity of our products which reflect special added value in environmental terms.

- Live wise, recycle more. Small acts transform the world.

Think Positive - It's our belief that great design is fun, energetic and surprising. When we talk about our dedication to good design, we don’t just mean how something satisfies a need and how it looks like but rather how it makes you feel. You should feel positive.

- Design to suit your + mood!

Cherish Creativity – generating creative solutions by perceiving the world in new ways to find hidden patterns, to make unrelated connections and to turn new and imaginative ideas into original and unpredictable products. We enjoy challenges, growing, changing and creating for the better.

- “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” – P. Picasso

- Making your unpredictable dreams come true!

Live Passionately – we are passionate about everything we do. We transfer our passion for the life and for the design onto our products always keeping in mind positive emotions that we can evoke among our clients, letting them to be all they can be.

- Be daring, be fearless, be passionate.

Enjoy the Vivid – Creating products with powerful and intense attitude revealing vibrant, playful and eye-catching design.

- The appearance of vigorous life and freshness.