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Little Things Collection-Power

Little Things Collection includes subcollections
-In LoveE

Little Things Collection comprises of those little trinkets which enrich our everyday life.
It consists of five modern series of table sets for your gatherings or dining which does not just come down to eating when one is hungry. Therefore your dining table should be more than just a place to eat at. The way we set our table reflects our sensibility, the sense of tangibility and love. It is a kind of communication where social emotions become tangible.

Here you can also find memo-books and bookmarks, without which we cannot imagine going through life. Having easy and inexpensive refill system makes memo-books ideal for quick sketches, thoughts, ideas, notes to be sorted out and filtered on latter. And, of course, there are bookmarks which instantly evoke feelings of peace and content that reading a book brings.

Graphics after which collections are named are created by the method of engraving and cutting on hi-tech waterproof textile in five colors or on black water resistant industrial felt infusing a contemporary signature and character into home or office gatherings. You can choose the one that suits your personality best - from elegant and sophisticated to ironic and playful – choose for yourself.
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